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Dr. Young Seek Choue, KyungHee University and Taekwondo

?? Dr. Young Seek Choue

After the death of Dr. Young Seek Choue on February 18th, many visitors have come to pay their respects at Kyung Hee University’s Peace Hall, where his mortuary is.

Around one thousand visitors have offered their condolences until February 22nd, among them, President MyungBak Lee and many eminent personalities in society, belonging to different arenas such as the academia, politics, economics, culture and so on. This only shows the big influence he had over society.

Dr. Young Seek Choue was one of South Korea’s representative educators and an international social activist, and his name is strongly related to KyungHee University, which he founded.

Kyung Hee University belongs to one of the few prestigious leading private universities in South Korea, and is widely known for many fields of study. Among the big universities, it is considered as one of the best universities in sports education.

Taekwondo Studies at KHU is especially the zenith of taekwondo education among Korean taekwondo study programs, thanks to Dr. Young Seek Choue. His contribution to taekwondo is not limited to this.

In 1975 he created the Taekwondo Peace Corps and leaded the worldwide diffusion of taekwondo. In this sense, it is not a coincidence that the current President of the World Taekwondo Federation is his son.

This is the reason why the world of taekwondo pays its respects to Dr. Choue.

The send off ceremony for Dr. Choue will be on February 23rd at 9 AM at the KHU Peace Hall, where his mortuary is. 


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