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Drastic Reorganization in Kukkiwon

Kukkiwon (President Won Sik Kang) started undergoing a massive reorganization.

After the first meeting of Board of Directors of the year, held on January 19th, the organization’s structure was changed from one of 3 divisions and 1 team (Strategic Planning Division, Office Division, World Taekwondo Academy+ResearchInstitute)to one of 1 office, 3 divisions and 1 team system (Strategic Planning Office + Operations Division, Executive Division, World Taekwondo Academy+ Research Institute).

Kukkiwon Vice-President will be directly in charge of the operations and Executive Divisions, taking care of Test and Evaluation, International Relations and Human Resources, Treasury, General Affairs, etc.

Kukkiwon’s World Taekwondo Academy President (Hyun-Deuk Oh) will be in charge of the World Taekwondo Academy and the Research Institute, focusing on the development of Kukkiwon’s training and education and the academic research of Taekwondo.

The main highlight of the reorganization is the change of the Strategic Planning Division, which was Vice-President’s (Chun-Kil Lim) responsibility, to a Strategy Planning Bureau under direct control of Kukkiwon’s Presidency. Such department will take care of mid and long term business planning, foreign collaboration, instruction assistance, and will also include overseas strategy tasks.
Thus, the biggest question mark is who will be leading the Strategic Planning Bureau.

Apart from these changes, Keun-Chang Lee, Director of the Executive Division, was laid off that day at a separate Human Resources Commission meeting, making this reorganization even more interesting for the world of Taekwondo.

So far, Kukkiwon’s reorganizations led to human resource reorganizations. Depending on the internal political forces of the organization, a new person from outside was hired or an influential person from within the organization was laid off.

In June 2010 the Kukkiwon underwent big changes after the shift from “foundation” to “special purpose corporation”, leading to important organizational changes at the time.

When Kukkiwon was a foundation under ex-President Seung Wan Lee, the organization was comprised of an Executive Division, International Division and the World Taekwondo Academy. When it changed to a special purpose corporation under President Won-Sik Kang, Executive Division Director Keun-Chang Lee was made responsible of both the Executive Division and the World Taekwondo Academy, leaving the World Taekwondo Academy President and the International Relations Director waiting to be assigned.

Therefore, after this reorganization, the future Director of the Strategic Planning Bureau will be decisive on the direction that Kukkiwon will take.

In the Board of Directors meeting on January 19th, other important matters such as the review of 2011 end of year results and balances were discussed. A general account of 9,800 million wons (8.65 million USD) and a special account of 2,700 million wons (2.38 million USD) were taken into deliberation and will be confirmed in the next generalmeeting of Board of Directors.

There are currently 8 members in the Board of Directors, including President Won Sik Kang, Vice-President Chun Kil Lim and World Taekwondo Academy President Hyun Deuk Oh.

Seven out of the eight members of the board were present in January’s Board of Directors meeting.


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