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Dutch Open 2020: Russia finishes 1st in Seniors with 8 golds

Dutch Open 2020: Russia finishes 1st in Seniors with 8 golds

Azerbaijan grabs 4 titles to take the 2nd position, Germany clinches 2 and Spain and Latvia bag 1 each

Complete Results: Seniors / Juniors and Cadets

Seniors – Report

Russia shone over the rest of nations involved in the 47th edition of the Dutch International Taekwondo Open, which was held last weekend in Eindhoven, after collecting no less than half of the Senior gold medals awarded in the event: eight.

Azerbaijan took the second position in the medal count of the class with 4 titles, with Germany being the other nation to step on the podium more than once with 2 golds. Spain and Latvia grabbed 1 title each to complete the 16 classes in competition.

The 8 Russian fighters that led their country to the top of the table were: Larisa Medvedeva, who dominated the Women’s -46 kg division after beating Pouryounes Langeroudi from Netherlands by 28-2 in the final; Elyzabeta Ryadninskaya, who defeated her compatriot Antipenko by 13-5 in the Women’s -49 kg final to take the gold medal of the class; Polina Khan, who reached the top of the Women’s -73 kg podium after getting rid of Oogink from Netherlands by 8-5 in the last match of the draw; Dmitrii Shishko, who proved to be the strongest competitor in Men’s -54 kg after getting rid of Onus by 41-7; David Nazaryan, who set the standard in Men’s -63 kg after edging Cavey from Australia by 17-13 in the gold medal match; Samat Tcakoev, who shone over the rest of contestants in Men’s -68 kg after outscoring Aghayev from Azerbaijan by 5-3; Dmitriy Artyukhov, who won the gold medal in Men’s -74 kg after beating his compatriot Kryeveichenko in the big final by 37-23; and Yury Kirichenko, who defeated Ghobadi Oughaz from Azerbaijan by 15-2 in the gold medal match of the Men’s -87 kg draw to take the throne.


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