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ETU A-Class tournaments will turn into G-1 events

ETU A-Class tournaments will turn into G-1 events

Transition of A-Class Tournaments into G1

No ETU A-Class tournaments after 2013.
ETU has decided about the transition of the ETU A-Class tournaments into WTF G1-tournaments from 2014 on. That means there will be no A-Class tournaments anymore but instead the organizers can apply for G1-tournaments instead.
If any organizer wants to receive G1 status for his 2014 event he has to apply again at ETU office by sending a new application.
Application and details info about the transition process can be found here:
Application Form for G1 Tournament

Info Bulletin about transition process

New website for European Para Taekwondo Union

The European Para Taekwondo Union under the presidency of Aleksandr Shlychkov has created a new Webpage. At news around the organization and about Taekwondo events around the world can be found.

The website was created in order to promote, expand, and improve the practice of Para-Taekwondo in light of its educational, cultural, and sports values.
Source: ETU

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