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ETU President's New Year Message

The Festive Year 2012        
Dear members of the European Taekwondo Union

My wishes for the New Year are even warmer than the previous years, not only because I feel great respect towards all of you, who believe in human values that are developed through sports. The many years of our cooperation has made our relationship even closer and has made us finally one loving family.

Year 2012 will be unique due to the fact that the world of sport will hold the celebration of celebrations where all social classes of the world whether rich or poor will come together. This celebration is the Olympic Games which will be hosted in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, London, United Kingdom.

I feel it is my duty and I am compelled to remind you of the words of the president of the WTF Dr. Chungwon Choue “Taekwondo is the gift from Korea to enhance the mind, body and soul of the younger generation of the World” This gift gives us the chance to show our presence in this great celebration of 2012 in London, exceptionally in these difficult times and the world crisis.

The tasks and events of the ETU have been productive in the preparation of the young people that fight for their country, or family, or teachers. The many years of training in Taekwondo were the result of our younger generation in arming themselves with more power to prepare them to tackle the problems and decisions in Life.

It is not by luck that in Europe there are so many numbers of different sports and so many choices for sports for men and women, and Taekwondo is the leader since more and more of our young generation has made Taekwondo their first choice in sport. This is attributed to the great training of not only the body but of the mind that Taekwondo offers.

The love we all have for Taekwondo has driven us to program and organize a series of events, which in 2012 apart from the Olympic Games will comprise of the European Cadets Championships, the European Youths championships and the European Senior Championships in Manchester.

I feel that as long as you are there as the heads of your countries you are obliged and it is your duty to continue and spread the traditions and values for the continuous wellness of mankind and within the new ETU Executive Board we will go forward.

With the opportunity of the upcoming leap year and the 366 days to follow, which come up every four years, I wish that 2012 is a good year for all of you and your families.


Athanasios Pragalos
ETU President

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