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ETU relies on Daedo's PSS until 2016

ETU relies on Daedo's PSS until 2016

New contract to be signed in Aruba during the 2012 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships
The European Taekwondo Union (ETU) and Daedo have verbally agreed to extend their sponsorship contract, which expires at the end of this year, until the 31st of December 2016. The signing of the new contract will take place during the 2012 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships, which will be held in Santa Cruz (Aruba) between the next 22th and 25th of November. The European organization and the Spanish company have been working together since February 2010, when they signed their current agreement, and will continue to collaborate during the next 4 years, once the Rio Olympics will be over.
The terms and conditions of the new contract will remain the same: All athletes from European National Federations will be able to use Daedo’s PSS for the competitions on ETU’s calendar, the Spanish company will be able to set up an exclusive stand with Taekwondo products in every of these events and it will also be present on the billboard advertising of these tournaments.
The competitions currently organized by the ETU are:
– European Senior Taekwondo Championships
– European Junior Taekwondo Championships
– European Under-21 Taekwondo Championships
– European Cadet Taekwondo Championships
– European Team Taekwondo Championships
– European Taekwondo Club Championships
– European Para-Taekwondo Championships
The recent recognition of KP&P’s PSS by the WTF made some high commands within the ETU have some doubts about the extension of the agreement, but they finally decided to go ahead with Daedo after having received a very positive feedback on its PSS from the WTF members present at the ETU Executive Committee meeting, held at the Alpha-Palmiers Hotel of Lausanne on the 9th of November.
ETU’s Board took note of this information and compared it with KP&P’s system results, concluding that the PSS created by the Spanish company is really stable and significantly more dynamic than the Korean Company’s one when it comes to Taekwondo competitions. Daedo’s PSS is capable of correctly collecting consecutive points, so that all points scored by a fighter in really short period of time are counted and no good hits are missed. That is a really important point, as athletes who have competed in events controlled by KP&P’s system have reported that back kicks were not counted in many occasions during those events.
With this information in hand, the ETU has finally decided to continue using Daedo’s PSS in all its competitions for the next 4 years. The WTF and the ETU have no doubts about Daedo’s PSS future. Even though they both think there are some aspects in which Daedo can work to improve its system, both organizations are really satisfied with its performance and have the Spanish company’s system as part of their plans for the future of Taekwondo in Europe and Worlwide. Following this intention, the WTF will call a meeting for next month with representatives from both PSS companies (Daedo and KP&P) to unify criteria and settle improvements for the good of our sport.
Pau Aguilar
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