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"ETU's agenda will be quite full in 2013"

"ETU's agenda will be quite full in 2013"

ETU President Mr Sakis Pragalos’ New Year Message
Dear athletes, coaches and officials,
The year 2012 was an amazing year for all of us. With the Summer Olympics in London, Sarah Stevenson delivering the Olympic oath while app. a billion people all over the world were watching and 50% of the Olympic taekwondo medals distributed to European athletes, I think we can speak of a great year for ETU!
Europe has proven once again that it’s the strongest continental union of the World Taekwondo Federation and this would not be possible without the continuous effort of our athletes, coaches and officials. Therefore not only me but all ETU Executive Officials are grateful!
In 2013, new challenges lie ahead of us. First we start with the inaugural ETU European Club Championships in Athens, Greece. Although a nation in peril, I am grateful the Greek federation is supporting ETU in organizing this event. In addition, ETU will organize the Cadets, Junior, Under 21 and Poomsae European Championships in 2013. Our Member National Associations are also organizing the A-class gyorugi and poomsae competitions. So our agenda will be quite full in 2013!
Finally, I would like to express my warmest Season’s Greetings to the taekwondo family all over the world and wish you all a successful but above all healthy and prosperous 2013!
Sakis Pragalos
ETU President
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