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Everything ready in Lausanne for the Swiss Open 2012

Everything ready in Lausanne for the Swiss Open 2012

Everything is set at the Grand-Vennes Sports Centre of Lausanne for the start of the Swiss Open 2012, an A-Class Tournament on this year’s ETU calendar and a G-1 event on WTF’s. The contest will take place during next weekend (10th and 11th of November) and will count with the participation of 240 athletes from 45 different countries.
Fighters from the National Teams of countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Austria, Azerbaijan, Central Africa, Congo, France, Ghana, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Moldavia, Monaco, Netherlands, Romania, Scotland, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Chinese Taipei, Turkey, United States and Yemen will compete for the 8 titles in play.
Other well known athletes from relevant National Teams will also be present in Lausanne participating with their clubs. This will be the case for players coming from Brazil, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Samoa, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine. The Swiss Open 2012 will also count with the attendance of the President of the WTF, Dr. Choue, as well as the council members of the ETU (European Taekwondo Union).
The spectators at the Grand-Vennes Sports Centre will have the opportunity to enjoy the abilities of many of the most relevant International athletes. Tuncat Levent (Germany), Vasilii Nikitin (Russia), Rui Braganca (Portugal), Ramin Azizov (Azerbaijan), Yunus Sari (Turkey), Kristina Kim (Russia), Franka Anic (Slovenia) and Nina Klaey (Switzerland) appear to be some of the favourites to take the gold medals.

Swiss Open 2012's trophies await their winners

One of the other main attractions of the event was supposed to be the debut in a Senior competition of the 17-year-old British athlete George Lee, who represented his country at this year’s World Junior Championships. However, Lee won´t finally be able to compete in Lausanne due to a hip problem. His replacement within the British team will be his usual room mate and friend Jamie Abley, who is also aged 17. Abley recently competed at the Serbia Open and has now been handed a second chance to show his ability in the -68kg Olympic weight division. GB Taekwondo’s website ( was able to talk to Jamie before his trip to Switzerland to catch his thoughts: “I’m sorry for George because I know he was looking forward to it, but it’s another great opportunity for me”, said Abley. “Putting on weight hasn’t really been a problem, a lot of it has been natural growth. I really enjoyed Serbia even though I didn’t do as well as I wanted. Hopefully this time I can pick up a medal. I think it is a possibility”, he added. Bianca Walkden, gold medallist at last month’s Serbia Open in Belgrade, will also be in the GB team.
The first 4 draws to be completed will be Male’s -58kg and -80kg, and Female’s -49kg and -67kg, all of them decided on Saturday. Sunday will be the day for the Men’s -68kg and +80kg categories and Women’s -57kg +67kg modalities.
The Lausanne Taekwondo Union, as the organizer of the Open, has also scheduled a demonstration given by the Korea TAL (Taekwondo Absolute Legend).
We’ll keep you updated with the latest news and results regarding the Swiss Open 2012. Stay connected!
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