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France, Winner of Spanish Open

?? French National TKD Team.

The French National TKD Team won the first place of the team trophy at the Spanish Taekwondo Open 2012 that took place on March 24-25 in Alicante, Spain.

France obtained 28 points in total, with 2 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, and outscored the Turkish National Team just by 2 points. The third place went to CAR FET, the Spanish National Team, who won 14 points with 2 gold medals.   

Following Spain, Azerbaijan National Taekwondo Team and Russian National Team were 4th and 5th respectively, with 13 and 10 points. For the team results, 7 points were awarded to a gold medal, 3 to a silver medal and 1 to a bronze medal.  

In the individual results, many representative national stars won the first place as expected, such as Spanish Joel González (male -58kg) and Mexican María del Rosario Espinoza (female -73kg). 

Brigitte Yagüe who is 6th in Olympic ranking and from the host country, won the gold medal in the -49kg category, surely one of the most competitive categories. 

Yagüe beat Guatemalan Zamora in the semifinals to win the final against Yang Shu-Chun, who won at the Dutch Open only one week before. 

Yang, who is 4th in the Olympic ranking, went to the final after beating Moroccan Sanaa Atabrour (2nd in the same ranking) and tried to win another gold after her victory at the Dutch Open, but ended up in the second place this time.


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