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French Taekwondo Federation trusts in their coach and director

French Taekwondo Federation trusts in their coach and director

On May 30th, after the surprising declarations of Marlene Harnois, the French Federation released its official reaction through their website. President Roger Piarulli expressed they were “surprised and appalled by the comments made on the press”.
As the communication explains, “tension between elite athletes and coaches exist and will continue existing”. It is not shocking to see coaches raising their voice to the athletes while training or during a very tense match, but this kind of situation can be seen by anyone in all sports.
After Marlene’s public accusations, the Minister of Sports Valérie Fourneyron asked for an administrative investigation to be carried out in order to “clarify this conflict as soon as possible”.
Only a few days after the Minister’s request, the French Federation has decided to bring together the National Commission on Discipline for a hearing on Harnois’ accusations. The Federation’s second press release related to this case explains that “an athlete’s freedom of speech is a fundamental right”, yet “the veracity of her statements must be proven”.
Harnois will be heard on June 20th, but parallel to this disciplinary procedure, the French Federation and the implicated people are also planning to take action against Harnois for defamation.
Despite the serious accusations of the Olympic athlete, the French Taekwondo Federation has clearly expressed their complete trust towards national coach Myriam Baverel and national technical director Philippe Bouedo.
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