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Great Britain, Germany and USA announce squad for Manchester 2019 WC

Great Britain, Germany and USA announce squad for Manchester 2019 WC

Walkden and Jones lead the British team, while McPherson and Bachmann are the main hopes of USA and Germany

Great Britain, United States and Germany have announced the athletes that will represent each country in the World Taekwondo Championships to be held from May 15 to 19 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

With only one month to go for Manchester 2019 World Champs, all federations are about to publish the formation of their squads for the biggest competition of the year on the World Taekwondo calendar, and these three Member National Associations (MNAs) have confirmed that they will compete in the event with some of the biggest favourites to win a gold medal in different categories.

Great Britain

Great Britain, who will have the extra motivation to compete at home, presents among its squad Bianca Walkden, who is bidding for a third successive world crown, and the double Olympic champion Jade Jones, who hopes to claim her first world title after previous silver and bronze medals.

Other fighters who stand out in the British team are Luttalo Muhammad and Mahama Cho, who will be try to become Britain’s first male world Taekwondo champion.

Full squad


-54kg: Mason Yarrow (Doncaster)

-58kg: Hassan Haider (Falkirk)

-63kg: Josh Calland (Liverpool)

-68kg: Bradly Sinden (Doncaster)

-74kg: Christian McNeish (Plaistow)

-80kg: Damon Sansum (Elgin)

-87kg: Lutalo Muhammad (Walthamstow)

+87kg: Mahama Cho (Stockwell)


-46kg: Jordyn Smith (Falkirk)

-49kg: Maddison Moore (Blakedown)

-53kg: Aaliyah Powell (Huddersfield)

-57kg: Jade Jones (Flint)

-62kg: No selection

-67kg: Lauren Williams (Blackwood)

-73kg: Rebecca McGowan (Dumbarton)

+73kg: Bianca Walkden (Liverpool)

United States

USA Taekwondo will fly to Manchester with only one of its two medallists in the previous edition of the event, Muju 2017. Paige McPherson will compete again in the Women’s -67 kg class to try to go from silver to gold, while the other silver medallist in Korea two years ago, Jackie Galloway (W+73), won’t be fighting in Manchester as Madelynn Gorman-Shore was the number 1 in both -73kg and + 73kg and decided to take the -73kg spot, which made Galloway withdrew from consideration.

Full squad


-46kg – Monique Rodriguez (FL)

-49kg – Kayla Morales (CA)

-53kg – Anastasija Zolotic (FL)

-57kg – Desirae Rolaff (TX)

-62kg – Ara White (FL)

-67kg – Paige McPherson (FL)

-73kg – Madelynn Gorman-Shore (CO)

+73kg: Hannah Keck (TX)


-54kg: David Kim (WCAP)

-58kg: Damian Villa (CA)

-63kg: Alejandro Chang (VA)

-68kg: CJ Nickolas (CA)

-74kg: Thomas Rahimi (TX)

-80kg: Jaysen Ishida (HI)

-87kg – Hanssel Llanos (TX)

+87kg: Jonathan Healy (CO)


Germany came back from Muju 2017 with only one medal, but what a medal that was. Alexander Bachmann surprisingly became the new Men’s 87 kg world champion after beating the current world number 1 of the division, the Russian Vladislav Larin, and the German champion will be travelling to Manchester with only one goal in his mind: the second world title. The Puebla 2013 Men’s -80 kg champion, Tahir Guelec, repeats in the squad 5 years after the biggest success of his career.


-46 kg: Oziem Guruz

-49 kg: Ela Aydin

-53 kg: Madeline Folgmann

-62 kg: Anna-Lena Froemming

-67 kg: Celine Schmidt

-73 kg: Alema Hadzic

+73 kg: Lorean Brandl


-54 kg: Huseyin Alperen Canan

-63 kg: Jordanis Konstantinidis

-74 kg: Martin Stach

-80 kg: Tahir Guelec

-87 kg: Alexander Bachmann

+87 kg: Cem Unlusoy


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