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Great success of Daedo E-head Protector's demo

Great success of Daedo E-head Protector's demo

Great Success: E-head Protector

Municipal Sports Palace, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, September 27th 2013
When the demo of the E-head Protector by Daedo was announced the response was the arousal of doubts and questions about the technological progress which could have taken place.
At 15pm local time the demo started in the eyes of not only all the participants and coaches of the 19th edition of the Porto 2013 ETU Junior Championships but also of senior executives as Mr. Sakis Pragalos, president of the ETU, Sun Jae Park, honorary vice president of the ETU and vice president of the WTF, Michael Fysentzidis, ETU Secretary General, Philippe Bouedo, ETU games committee chairman, Chakir Chelbat, referees chairman of the WTF, and other executive and senior positions.

Daedo E-Head Protector Demo / Daedo President, Mr Park, showing E-Head Protector

All viewers of the demo were surprised by the strong technological breakthrough, which the system incorporates. Among its many strong points we find that it is perfectly applicable to taekwondo competitions and how it will facilitate the work of the judges by eliminating doubts about head points and therefore greatly reducing the application of the Video Replay. We should note that the Video Replay is currently stopping championship competitions, resulting in a significant time loss.


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