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Great success of Hankuk International School 2nd Winter Training Camp

Great success of Hankuk International School 2nd Winter Training Camp

The city of Alcobendas in Madrid, Spain hosted once again the Winter Training Camp, organized by the Olympic coach of Finland, Jesus Ramal and his club during the days 26th – 30th of December, with the support of the city hall and the sport´s patronage.
With the participation of over 140 athletes from different countries, trainings were divided into 2 groups, pre-cadets and cadets in one group and juniors and seniors in the other, both groups training morning and evening sessions.
This year, international clubs from Italy, Luxembourg, Finland, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ghana, Austria and Mexico participated, (with Mexico an agreement was reached for future collaboration and representation of Hankuk in Mexico.) Everyone enjoyed training in the capital city of Spain with a numerous participation of clubs from different Spanish regions: Aragon, Navarra, Cataluña, Castilla la Mancha, Andalucia, Valencia, Segovia, Madrid and of course, the athletes of the Hankuk Talents program.

The Hankuk International School has been developing its international exchange program since 1998, and like in all of the clubs international activities, some of the athletes who participated in the camp were included in the clubs program; Taekwondo: Education, culture and sport. These athletes stayed with other families with an athlete of his/her age for a cultural exchange and to practice languages.
The training sessions were directed by Jesus Ramal and the Olympic athlete Suvi Mikkonen with the collaboration and participation of the personal coaches that assited with their athletes to the event: Giorgio Pillolla, Lucyo Huynh Hong Quang, Cesar Valentim, Mario Trigo, Slav Rachev, Sang Hyun Park, Mignu Nguyen, Sofyane Mazouzi, Charly Alex Cromwell, Mikel Arondo, Antonella Melotti, Romain Dicken, Lee Sung Woo, Juan Jorquera, Peter Nestler, Jose Romano who showed their high level and predisposition at all times.
Like last year, the camp received the support of the Madrid Taekwondo Federation and was visited by the President Mr. Santiago Maroño and Vice President, Mr. Fermin Garcia and a very special visit of Belen Asensio, 2 time World Champion and current coach of the Galicia Training Center. Jose Maria del Campo, personal coach of Eva Calvo (the great revelation of the Grand Prix) also directed one special training session accompanied by his students from the club Leganes: Eva Calvo, Marta Calvo and Ana de la Fuente, receiving very positive feedback from all the participating athletes and coaches.
In this edition, Olivia Ortiz, International referee and rules adviser of the Hankuk International School, created a new department of arbitration education to promote knowledge of the rules to coaches, competitors and parents.

A special mention to the referees who participated on the simulation of a competition day: Juan Antonio Merino, International Referee, Gabriel Robles and Jose Ibarzábal, national referees with lots of experience, Sara Rodriguez and Yeray Garcia, regional referees who collaborated, also thanks to the coaches who carried out different roles as coaches, referees, judges etc… a great experience for everyone who participated.
The Winter Training Camp is based on training sessions with different didactics and methodologies applied to different age groups, with physical, technical and tactical trainings where all the personal coaches can participate at all times, it’s also a fantastic opportunity for athletes from all over to make new friends and have fun. This camp would not be possible without the hard work of the Hankuk Interntional School’s coaches: Saul Rios, Jose Luis Lara and Alvaro Rios and also the support of the parents who provided a Paella for 140 people and a closing party that was the perfect finishing touch to a very successful camp.
Happy new year to everyone and see you next year!

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