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Great success of La Loma World Training Camp

Great success of La Loma World Training Camp

Last Friday March 24th started at La Loma High Performance Centre facilities (Mexico) a new edition of the World Training Camp, which is getting together around 370 athletes from 11 different countries until tomorrow Friday 29th with one main objective: getting prepared for the upcoming Puebla 2013 World Taekwondo Championships.
The World Training Camp is offering the participants the opportunity to train 3 times per day with the best fighters around the world, all of them divided into different categories depending on their age and grade.
Athletes from more than 14 countries, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, Australia, Costa Rica and Venezuela, are going through daily physical, technical and tactical trainings in order to be at their best when the World Championship starts next July. Some of them, like Germany, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, will spend 3 weeks at La Loma getting ready for the event.

German National Team at La Loma facilities

The Camp will then be followed by the 7th edition of the World Taekwondo Open, which will be held during next weekend March 30-31st with the participation of more than 1,800 fighters from all ages and grades. The Senior categories, with relevant National Teams registered for the competition, are expected to focus most of the public’s attention.
Both events will use Daedo PSS to either run the training combats or help the referees decide the final scores of the Open matches.
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