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Ho Chi Minh awaits the start of the CISM World Championships

Ho Chi Minh awaits the start of the CISM World Championships

The 21st edition of the CISM World Military Taekwondo Championships starts next Sunday in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) with a total of 257 athletes from 34 different countries registered for the competition.
182 males and 75 female fighters will take part in the event, which will begin on Sunday October the 21st with the Poomsae competition and a military Hoshinsul demonstration as the opening shows. After this introduction, the Fly category contenders of the men’s (under 58 kg) and women’s (under 49 kg) draws will start the real contest fighting for the first gold medals of the Championships.
Monday October the 22nd will be the day for the Fin (under 54 kg in males and under 46 kg in females) and Bantam (under 63 kg in the men`s draw and under 53 kg in women’s) modalities, while Tuesday will count with participation of the Feather, Light and Heavy categories (male’s -68kg, -74kg and +87kg; Female’s -57kg, -62kg and +73kg). Wednesday will be the final day of Taekwondo activity with the celebration of the Welter and Middle combats (Male -80kg, -87kg; Female -67kg, -73kg).

Men’s Rio 2011 MIDDLE podium with Ziani, Kim, Khodami and Moustakas.

This year’s Championships could be a turning point for the future of Poomsae competitions, as the president of the CISM Taekwondo Sport Committee, Lieutenant Colonel Seong-Sup Lim, has been insisting recently on the union of the World Taekwondo Federation and the International Federation. In fact, he publicly announced that the Poomsae competitions at CISM events would implement the ITF’s poomsae forms.
However, Lim’s declarations faded away due to the WTF and Kukkiwon’s strong opposition. Despite this clash with the two main Taekwondo institutions, Lim continued emphasizing the importance of putting into effect the ITF’s poomsae style, increasing the probabilities of its eventual implementation in future CISM competitions.
A total of 34 International referees will supervise the matches played during the competition, which will use Daedo’s TK-STRIKE Protector and Scoring System (PSS) to help deciding the final score of the combats.
The competition site for the 21st CISM World Military Taekwondo Championship is right next to the hotel that will serve as accommodations for the Chiefs of Mission. The lodging for the players and coaches and the sports arena are all very close by, everything located in the Phu Nhuan District of Ho Chi Minh City.
The Military World Games were created by the CISM (Counseil International du Sport Militaire) and its first edition, as it is known today, was hosted in Rome back in 1995.

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