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Hope of Jordanian Taekwondo, Ahmad Abughaush

Hope of Jordanian Taekwondo, Ahmad Abughaush

Two consecutive wins at World and Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships
There was one country that had remarkable results at the 6th Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships that concluded on May 8th: Jordan. In the men’s categories Jordan won 3 gold medals, thus equaling the overall men’s winner (Korea) in number of gold medals.
Among the 3 gold medalists there was one who deserves special attention: Ahmad Emran Issa Abughaush.
Only one month before, Ahmad also won a gold medal at the World Junior Taekwondo Championships held at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. By winning another gold in Vietnam, he became winner of his category in two consecutive international championships.
More surprising than that: after winning at the Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships, he participated again in May 9th at the Asian Taekwondo Championships.
This resulted in an elimination in the first round. Although he lost, he only did by 1 point, 5-6. When he was asked about the reason of his defeat he said he was “tired”.
Ahmad is 16 years old. Although he was not able to perform at his fullest against the Senior athletes, it will not be long until his name receives attention in the Senior categories.
Ahmad’s coach, from the Jordan Taekwondo Federation, pointed out his strengths: “he is intelligent, and does not fear his opponent”.
Ahmad’s objective is obviously the Olympic gold medal, so there is a high chance that we will see him 4 years from now at the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The JTF already has high hopes for Ahmad.
DeebKurdi, founding member of the JTF and member of the executive committee of the Asian Taekwondo Union said: “since the foundation of the JTF, I have never seen an athlete like Ahmad. He will surely become an important athlete in the world of Taekwondo.”
Ahmad confessed that he felt a “difference in strength” when competing against Seniors, something understandable for a Junior athlete like him.
We can already picture a taller and stronger Ahmad.
His favorite Taekwondo athlete is Turkish Servet Tazegul: “I like Tazegul’s feisty and aggressive style, he fights like crazy in the competition area. Someday, I would like to fight against him.”

Jordan is increasingly receiving more support for Taekwondo, especially for kids under 14 years old. Therefore, the future of Jordanian Taekwondo is bright. Soon, not only Asiabut the rest of the world of Taekwondo will lay their eyes on Jordan.[:]

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