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International High Performance Training at La Loma, Mexico

The High Performance Training Center La Loma will be hosting four major international taekwondo events from September 10th through November 16th, 2011:

10 Sep – 12 Oct: Training Base for the Pan American Games

30 Oct – 4 Nov: Training Camp of Competitive Exchange

5 – 6 Nov: 2nd World Taekwondo Festival

20 Oct – 16 Nov: Trainings for American, African, European Qualifications for the Olympics

The purpose of these events is to provide the best training environment for athletes competing at the 2011 Pan American Games (Guadalajara, October 15-18 2011) and the Pan American, African and European Qualification Tournaments for the 2012 Olympic Games (Pan American Qualification: Querétaro, November 18-20 2011). The athletes will be able to use the fully equipped 700m2 open Taekwondo area, private training areas, fitness rooms, athletics tracks and the rest of the premises, including private multimedia rooms for studying fights.

Young taekwondo athletes will have the opportunity to meet professional athletes of various national teams that will be training at La Loma through the “Training Camp of Competitive Exchange”, in which they will surely be inspired by those who are at the top in this Olympic sport. The younger ones will also be able to compete at the “2nd World Taekwondo Festival”, in which they will compete putting into practice their techniques avoiding direct contact, and developing the tactics of corporal position in their fights.

The High Performance Training Center La Loma is located in San Luis Potosí, at 1.900meters (6.233ft) above the sea level and was opened in 2003. This center has all the necessary equipment and premises for training in various Olympic sports such as swimming, track and field, taekwondo, gymnastics, tennis, soccer and racquetball.

Together with Fundación Ireno Fargas, it has been hosting numerous charity events for social change in Mexico as well as international tournaments with more than 2.500 participants and providing training base camps for athletes from more than 70 nationalities. It has been a key training center for many champions and for most of Mexico’s best taekwondo athletes.

Pan American athletes will find conditions at La Loma particularly useful in terms of altitude, since it is located at 1.900 meters above sea level, similarly to Guadalajara (1.566 meters) where the Pan American Games will be held and Querétaro (1.820 meters), where athletes will fight for a place in London 2012.

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