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"Despite difficulties, Madagascar 2012 was a great success"

"Despite difficulties, Madagascar 2012 was a great success"

Interview with Gen. Ahmed Fouly, AFTU President
Q. 2012 has been a really important year for all sports, specially for Taekwondo, because of the London Olympics. Now that is almost over, what is your assessment on this year for Taekwondo in general?
A. The Taekwondo in the London Olympics was an ideal and very successful event and that gives us a push to continue our work in developing it in many ways like the competition rules and the use of technology within the competitions. I’d also like to mention about the development in Poomsae and the beginning of the creative Poomsae, which I believe will add a lot of interest to the Poomsae competitions and will make the spectators enjoy a lot with this upgrade to the art.
Q. How would you assess your organization’s performance during this year?
A. Most of African countries faced difficulties in their political stabilization, but still we had – within our African limited budgets – a very successful African annual event in Madagascar, as it contained three Championships. A team one which run with the special regulations of the World Taekwondo Cup in Aruba, and also an individual Senior Kyurogi championships and a Poomsae Champioships.
Q. As the AFTU President, what are your main plans/goals for the AFTU in 2013?
A. In 2013, we plan to host two International Referees Kyurogi and Poomsae seminars and courses in the North Part of Africa and another two in the South Part. That will make it easier for the applicants of the five zones of the AFTU to attend. Also, this year we will add a Junior Kyurogi Championships to our annual African Championships event, so in the end the event will have four kinds and levels of competition, which will give the chance to attend larger number of athletes to attend and share.

President Gen. Fouly

Q. In February 2013, the IOC will meet to decide the core Olympic sports for the 2020 Games. Is your organization doing or planning to do anything in particular to help Taekwondo remain as a core sport?
A. We are sharing and working together as one team with the other continents and the WTF to make sure we put all the possible efforts to achieve this objective. Taekwondo has to remain as an Olympic sport.
Q. Do you have any special plans for the further development of the AFTU?
A. I will work together with my partners in the African Taekwondo Union’s Board to make preparations for a new reform so that we can achieve developments within the Union that will help us promoting Taekwondo in all its ways. All players, coaches and referees from all areas have to be included, which will require introducing new technical assistance and creating new ideas that can suit our limited budgets.
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