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Interview with Vito Dell'Aquila, M-54 kg bronze: "It's a dream come true"

Interview with Vito Dell'Aquila, M-54 kg bronze: "It's a dream come true"

With only 16 yeards old, Vito Dell’Aquila is the reigning European Junrio champion and has already won a bronze medal at a World Senior Championships. The Italian athlete finished in third place of the Men’s -54 kg division last Sunday after beating 4 dangerous opponents on Saturday. He lost to no other than Tae-hun Kim, the triple world champion and Olympic bronze of the category.
After such an incredible success at his age, Vito attended WTM to comment his participation at Muju 2017 World Championships and other issues related to our sport.
Q: How does it feel to be a World Championship’s medallist with just 16 years of age?
– A: I am just very happy, very happy. To be honest, what I was really looking for was the gold, but to get a bronze medal in my first World Championships is a great achievement, no doubt about it.

Dell'Aqua poses for WTM at Taekwondowon Museum

Q: Winning a medal was your objective here, or it has been more a surprise even for you? You’re really young!
– A: It was my dream, my major objective this year. I’ve been training really hard all year long to get the best possible result at Muju 2017.

Dell'Aquila posing for a 3D scan photo at Taekwondowon

Q: What’s next after such a big success?
– A: First of all, winning the European Senior Championships in Olympic Weight Categories, which will be held next September in Minsk, Belarus. And further in the future I’d love to be able to reach the Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020.
Q: What wa the key for your success here in Muju?
– A: The real key was the hard training I have been doing with my master Alberto in Italy, that’s how I got this medal.
Q: What did you feel when the Quarter-finals combat against Alves (Brazil) ended?
– A: I was exultant. Even though I was clearly ahead on the scoreboard, I couldn’t wait for the fight to finish.
Q: What was to toughest moment in the first day of competition?
– A: The first match I had to play against Gashim Magomedov from Azerbaijan. It was quite a tough battle. The other matches weren’t easy either, they were all really good.
Q: What happened in the Semi-final against Kim?
– A: He was just very strong, it is his third World Championship in a row and I couldn’t do it better this time.

Dell'Aquila (ITA-blue) vs Kim (KOR-red). Photo: FITA

Dell'Aquila (ITA) and Kim (KOR) before their Semi-final match. Photo: FITA

Q: How are you going to celebrate your achievement?
– A: My family is very happy as well and I thing they are arrenging a big “festa” (party in Italian) when I arrive.
Pau Aguilar, Muju

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