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Irregularities in Kukkiwon Dan graduation exam

The Kukkiwon has been caught up in a controversy due to an apparent case of favoritism towards a Kukkiwon employee during the Dan graduation exam process.

A Korean Taekwondo media informed that “it has been discovered that a Kukkiwon employee and 8 other candidates passed the Dan graduation exam that the Kukkiwon carried out on June 11th even they submitted their thesis after the submission deadline”.

This media affirmed that “the Kukkiwon established on their announcement for the Superior Dan graduation exam that the deadline for submitting the thesis was May 31st and anyone who submitted it after that date would be disqualified. However, after that date those candidates who had not submitted their thesis on time were called by phone and were told that they could submit it on the next day, but this was only because one of the candidates who was a Kukkiwon employee did not send his thesis before the deadline”.

As the case continued being mentioned in other medias, the Kukkiwon communicated publicly on July 7th that “the Kukkiwon has carried out an internal investigation and has verified that certainly thesis for the Superior Dan graduation exam had been accepted even after the deadline. Consequently, the person who was responsible for this task has been given a warning, but it must be said that this was not a deliberate action of favoring a Kukkiwon employee”.

The reason for such media exposure on this case seems to be a conflict going on between Kukkiwon employees. This means that the tip-off was given intentionally by one of its employees. Now the Kukkiwon is investigating who the informer was.

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