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Ji-Ho Choi, re-elected for the third time

Ji-Ho Choi, re-elected for the third time

President of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, Ji-ho Choi, has been re-elected at the PATU General Assembly which took place on October 9th at the Real Audiencia Hotel in Sucre, Bolivia.
Current president of the PATU Ji-Ho Choi and president of the Panama Taekwondo Association Varo Barragan were the two candidates for PATU Presidency. The vote results were overwhelmingly uneven: 28 against 1.
Following the latest changes in PATU statutes, any Member of the National Association of the Pan American region participating at PATU Senior and Junior Championships could exercise their right for voting.
Choi was elected at the by-election after former PATU president Cha-Seok Park suddenly passed away in December 2007, and was elected again at the General Assembly once Park’s term of office was over, in October 2008. Hence, Choi has led the PATU for a total of 5 years.
After Choi’s 4 year term of office, he will lead the Continental Union for 5 more years thanks to PATU’s MNAs absolute support.
Senior Vice President: Helder Navarro (Colombia)
Secretary General: Roberto Beltran Ramonetti (until new appointment)
Treasurer: Se Jin Park (USA)
PATU Regional Representatives – Vice Presidents:
North America: Su Hwan Chung (Canada)
Central America: Frank Silva (Nicaragua)
South America: Alejandro Mansilla (Bolivia)
Caribbean: Francisco Camacho (Dominican Republic)

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