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Jordan Taekwondo Federation President HRH Rashid bin El Hassan Visits

His Royal Highness Prince Rashid bin El Hassan, president of the Jordan Taekwondo Federation, visited the headquarters of the World Taekwondo Federation on March 25, 2012 to talk with WTF President Chungwon Choue.
Along with his Royal family members, the Jordan prince came to Korea on the occasion of the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, which kicked off in Seoul on March 26 for a two-day run.
“The popularity of taekwondo is rapidly growing in Jordan as we clinched three tickets to the taekwondo competition of the 2012 London Olympic Games,” HRH Prince Rashid said in a meeting with WTF President Choue.
He said, “Excluding wild cards, Jordan earned a total of four to five London Olympic tickets through qualification tournaments and three of them are from taekwondo.”
Jordan won three Olympic taekwondo berths, one in the men’s -68kg division and two in the women’s category (-49kg and +67kg), through the Asian Qualification Tournament held in Bangkok, Thailand.
In a meeting with WTF President Choue, the prince asked for WTF support in Jordan’s hosting a WTF-promoted event, saying the population of taekwondo stands at about 100,000.
“Together with Iran, Jordan has strong female athletes and has very good records at international competitions,” he said, showing a strong interest in taekwondo education at school in Korea.
On March 26, HRH Prince Rashid bin El Hassan visited the Kukkiwon in Seoul to watch a taekwondo demonstration.

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