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Jordan wins 3 gold medals and ranges with Korea at the Asian Junior Championships

Jordan wins 3 gold medals and ranges with Korea at the Asian Junior Championships

Chinese National Junior Taekwondo Team. China ranked first in the women’s over all results at the 6th Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships.
The continental championship took place in May 6-8 at the Phu Tho Stadium in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
China and Korea both won 4 gold in the women’s category but China won its total score thanks to their 3 silver. Korea only got 1 siver medals.
This is not the first time that China wins over Korea in the women’s category. Again, China confirmed that its female athletes do not fall behind their Korean opponents.
From a total of 10 categories disputed in this championship, China and Korea won 8 gold medals and the other two went to Taiwan and Iran. Taiwan won also a silver medal and 5 bronze medals, showing the power of Pan-Chinese Taekwondo.

Gold medalist of Jordan. From left Mohammad Adnan Mohammad Khalifah(-55kg), Ahmad Emran Issa Abughush(-63kg), Yousef M. Abuzaid(-48kg). In the male categories, Jordan performed remarkably by winning 3 gold medals and a silver medal. However, Korea won with its total score thanks to their 4 silver medals, and Jordan had to accept the second place.
Iran, a country known for its strength in taekwondo, won 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals and one bronze medals, ranking 3rd in the overall results.
Korean National Junior Taekwondo Team. Although Korea ranked 1st in the male category it lost against China in the female category, and inevitably left a sense of frustration. The Korean athletes who participated in this championship were those who won the 2nd place at the National Selection Tournament for the Korean Team. The winners of the tournament participated one month ago in the World Junior Taekwondo Championships held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
From May 9, the 20th Asian Taekwondo Championships will take place in the same venue.[:]

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