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Korea: First evaluation trials for Puebla 2013

Korea: First evaluation trials for Puebla 2013

The 1st evaluation trials to select the Korean national team for the 2013 WTF World Championships, which will be taking place next July in Puebla, Mexico, was held on the 5th of April at Tae-Reung Training center.
A total of 48 athletes were selected in the final of the national team selection held last February, including the three best athletes of each male and female category.
The match was conducted under the round-robin system in order to allow all three athletes of each category to compete against each other.
One of the current Taekwondo stars in Korea, Dae-Hoon Lee (-63kg category), is now closer to be selected for Mexico after beating Tae-Hyun Kim and Jang-Hyun Jang, all from the same university.

Dae-Hoon Lee (Chung)

Dae-Hoon Lee (Chung)

In the female category -67kg, with Kyung-Sun Hwang already out of the competition, the high-school student Jan-Di Kim got the first position after winning Hae-Mi Park, and the veteran athlete In-Jong Lee, who competed at the London Olympic Games, was the winner of the female -73kg category.
The 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist Soo-Jung Lim of the female -57kg category obtained an unsatisfactory result achieving the 3rd position.
In the rest of the categories, the victories were held mostly by inexperienced and unknown athletes in the international scene. The fact that the most famous athletes did not get good results could be interpreted positively as a generational change, but also negatively as a possible turmoil period of Korean Taekwondo’s actual level.
The KTA showed their concern due to the fact that some spectators showed a high level of dissatisfaction after watching the competition, which implies they might be worried that the Korean Team could obtain worse results at the World Championships in Mexico should they not improve their level.
Daedo PSS was used at the evaluation trials, but questions about the Korean national team’s ability to adapt to the system could not be avoided.
There will be two more evaluation trials. The winners of each trial will get 10 points, the 2nd 5 points, and the 3rd 2 points. The final results will be given after adding the points of the three trials. The 2nd and 3rd evaluation competitions will be held on the 10th of May and the 11th of June respectively.
Sung Jin Park
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[First Evaluation Trials Results]

1 Tae-Hoon Kim
2 Young-Suk Kim
3 Seung-Won Lee
1 Tae-Moon Cha
2 Hyuk-Jin Kwon
3 Ho-Hyung Lee
1 Dae-Hoon Lee
2 Tae-Hyun Kim
3 Jang-Youn Jang
1 Hoon Kim
2 Joo-Sung Lee
3 Seong-Beom Cho
1 Yu-Jin Kim
2 Hyuk-Jin Kwon
3 Jong-Bin Seo
1 Yu-Jin Cho
2 Eung-Hyun Kim
3 Geun-Mo Yang
1 Dong-Yoon Kim
2 Young-Rae Shin
3 Byung-Joon Moon
1 Gi-Sung Jung
2 do-Hoon Kwak
3 Hyun-Jun Park

1 Seo-Hee Lee
2 So-Hee Kim
3 Min-Ji Lim
1 Hye-Jung Kim
2 Ji-Hye Park
3 Hana Lee
1 Yu-Jin Kim
2 Eun-Kyung Kwon
3 Jung-Yeon Yoon
1 So-Hee Kim
2 Ka-Hyung Park
3 Soo-Jung Lim
1 Hwi-Rang Kim
2 Eun-Sil Roh
3 Bo-Hyun Kang
1 Jan-di Kim
2 Hye-Mi Park
3 Myung-Hwa Woo
1 In-Jong Lee
2 Sol-Mi Lee
3 Hye-Ri Oh
1 Hye-Mi Lee
2 Hyun-Sun Shin
3 Hyo-Jung Kim

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