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World Cup Team Championships in Aruba will also use PSS

The World Taekwondo Federation has decided to use the PSS at the World Cup Team Championships taking place in Santa Cruz, Aruba, in November 2012.
The WTF already carried out all the necessary tests at the World University Championships last May, in order to verify that the PSS could be used without any problems despite the continuous change of competitors and the need to aggregate each team’s points to the final score.
The results of the test were positive and it was proven that Daedo PSS did not have any problem at all to be used at the World Cup team Championships. Daedo also announced that a new judge joystick would be produced only for team competitions.
The competition method at the World Cup Team Championships is characterized by the participation of 5 athletes from each team who are substituted while the match is ongoing, following instructions from their own coach.
This kind of team competition was tried first by the Korea Industry Taekwondo Federation and obtained very positive reactions. Consequently the WTF decided to implement this competition method after slight changes in the competition rules.
The fact that Taekwondo has been able to develop from an individual-based sport to a team-based one has been a very positive advancement.
A total of 16 teams will participate at the Aruba World Cup Team Championships. These 16 teams will be divided into 4 groups and the best 2 of each group will move on to the next round.
The World Cup Team Championships has been categorized by the WTF as a G-5 event, implying that the winners will be awarded with 50 points for their world ranking. Now that the WTF ranking is becoming more important, it is inevitable that the global Taekwondo community will be more interested in this event.
Participating weight categories will be -68kg and -80kg for men and -49kg and -62kg for women. This is because injuries might be caused due to the hit level disparity between very different weight categories.
A new competition system where athletes are continuously attacking during 10 minutes is expected to bring about new dynamics and excitement to Taekwondo.

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