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Korean and French Olympic Teams Undergo Joint Training

The Korean Olympic Team visited France for a joint training with the French national Olympic Team.

The Korean Team landed on December 5th and stayed at the French athletes village INCEP from December 6th to 8th. After the training in Italy, the Korean Team participated in the Test Event for the London 2012 Olympic Games that took place in London on December 3rd-4th. They are now in France to compete in the Paris International Taekwondo Open on December 10th, right after the joint training. The program consisted in individual training on the 6th and Korean-French joint trainings on the 7th and 8th.   

This event gathered the 12 athletes that form the Korean Olympic Team –including 2008 Olympic gold medalist Kyung-Sun Hwang, Dong-Min Cha and Dae-Hoon Lee – on the one side and the French Team, including GwladysEpangue, Pascal Gentil and Mickael Borot on the other.

The Korean Team’s Head Coach, Se-Hyuk Kim said “the time has come for Korea to leave behind the idea that Korea is the best country in Taekwondo, and to team up with outstanding foreign teams for an active knowledge exchange”, and that “I expect this joint training to be very helpful for both French and Korean teams”.

The Korean Team will participate in the Paris International Taekwondo Open on December 10th and fly back to South Korea on December 12th.

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