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Korean National Poomsae Team for the Summer Universiade

The Korean team to participate in the Poomsae Competition of the “26th Summer Universiade” (“U Games”) from August 18th to 23rd has been completed.

On June 17th, the Korean University Taekwondo Federation hosted the “Qualification Tournament of the National Team for the 26th Summer Universiade” in Cheong-Yang, South Chungcheon, to select the team members.

In the Poomsae Competition of the U Games there will be 5 gold medals for Men’s Individual, Women’s Individual, Men’s Team, Women’s Team and Mixed Team categories. A total of 10 Korean athletes will form the National Team.

The gold medal winners of the Qualification Tournament for the U Games will compete in the individual categories, whereas the silver medal winners will participate in the mixed category and third, fourth and fifth places will compete in the men/women team categories.

In the men’s division, Yang Ju-Min and Lee Jin-ho from Yong-in University earned the first and second place respectively, and Ahn Jae-Sung and Lee Sang-Mok from Korean Sports University became third and fifth, earning their participation in the Male Team Category. Jang Jun-Hee from Woo-Suk University became fourth.

In the women’s division, Park Ji-Yeong (Woo-Suk University) beat the World Poomsae Champion Kang Su-ji (Korea Sports University) and clinched the gold medal. World Champion Kang Su-Ji will also compete as a member of the Korean Team at the 6th World Poomsae Championships in Vladivostok in July.

Cho Seong-Ye (Yong-in University), Kang Yu-Jin (Kyung-Hee University) and Jeong Seung-Min (Yong-in University) earned the third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

<Korean Poomsae Team members for the 26th Summer Universiade>

1st Yong-In University – Yang Ju-Min (Individual Category)
2nd Yong-In University – Lee Jin-Ho (Mixed Team Category)
3rd Korea Sports University – Ahn Jae-Sung (Male Team Category)
4rd Woo-Suk University – Jang Jun-Hee (Male Team Category)
5th Korea Sports University – Lee Sang-Mok (Male Team Category)

1st Woo-Suk University – Park Ji-Yeong (Invidivual Category)
2?? Korea Sports University – Kang Su-Ji (Mixed Team Category)
3?? Yong-In University – Cho Seong-Ye (Female Team Category)
4?? Yong-In University – Kang Yu-Jin (Female Team Category) 
5?? Yong-In University – Jeong Seung-Min (Female Team Category)

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