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KP&P PSS Field Test held in Korea

?? Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar(left), a member of the Ad-hoc Committee for PSS is observing KP&P PSS.

Following LaJust and Daedo, a third PSS brand, KP&P, is on its way to obtain the Recognition from the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

The WTF held the field test for KP&P PSS during the Chuncheon International Open on July 18. In fact, this is the second field test that KP&P undergoes, as in January 2011 a first field test with rather good reactions was carried out during the Jeju Peace Championships.

The second field test will evaluate not only the PSS itself, but also external factors such as its stability in an environment with wireless internet, compatibility and durability issues and other problems related to PSS in general which have aroused up so far.

Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar, a member of the Ad-hoc Committee for PSS and Jeong-Kang Seo from the WTF Sport Division, among others, have attended KP&P’s field test.

The results of the field test will be reported to the Ad-hoc Committee for PSS, which will then give its opinion to the WTF on whether it should be Recognized or not.

If the results are favorable, the WTF and KP&P will move on to reach an agreement for the PSS Recognition contract.

KP&P is a Korean company which also presented its PSS at the WTF Demo Test in Lausanne, Switzerland, back in 2009. Although it has not been Recognized by the WTF yet, the semi-automatic version of this PSS has been broadly used in Korea since then.

The proximity sensors on KP&P socks are made with RFID sensors and each of them is the size of a credit card. They are located on both the instep and the sole.

The general opinion in Korea is that KP&P PSS is better than LaJust.


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