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KTA issues Public Apology for unfair refereeing

KTA issues Public Apology for unfair refereeing

The Korean Taekwondo Association has issued a public statement of apology addressed to all the citizens of South Korea, in regards to the case of suicide caused by biased refereeing.


 The Taekwondo family would like to deeply apologize for the recent unfortunate incident which occurred due to unfair refereeing during a Taekwondo competition and which has caused serious concern throughout the country. We would also like to apologize to the bereaved family and send them our deepest condolences.

 The Taekwondo family is greatly regretting for the lack of supervision until this incident has occurred. Hence, we will make sure that all necessary measures will be taken so that this does not happen again.

In order to ensure a fair refereeing in a institutional manner, we will set up an Ad-hoc Committee and a Complaints Center for Unfair Refereeing, and we promise to strictly supervise all Taekwondo competitions through them.

Again, we would like to deeply apologize to the bereaved family and to the whole nation.

June 4th 2013

Korean Taekwondo Association

Seoul Taekwondo Association          Busan Taekwondo Association

Daegu Taekwondo Association         Incheon Taekwondo Association

Gwangju Taekwondo Association     Daejeon Taekwondo Association

Ulsan Taekwondo Association          Sejong Taekwondo Association

Gyeonggido Taekwondo Association           Gangwondo Taekwondo Association

North Chungcheongdo Taekwondo Association      South Chungcheongdo Taekwondo Association

North Jeolla Taekwondo Association            South Jeolla Taekwondo Association

North Gyeongsangdo Taekwondo Association        South Gyeongsangdo Taekwondo Association

Jeju Taekwondo Association             Korean University Taekwondo Association

Korean Middle and High School Taekwondo Association   Korean Elementary School Taekwondo Association

Korean Women Taekwondo Association      Korean Industrial Taekwondo Association

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  1. Dagoberto

    Saddly to said, but a human live is lost.


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