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Kukkiwon covered with trash

Kukkiwon covered with trash

According to several Korean Taekwondo news sites, the Kukkiwon was unable to hold its extraordinary board meeting scheduled on May 30th at 11am and was covered with trash instead.

Two men – Daeok-keun Kim, representative of the Civic Association for an Honest Taekwondo, and Sang-Yong Hong, representative of the Civic Solidarity for the Future of Taekwondo – invaded the room where the meeting was going to take place with a bag full of garbage and a jug filled with of some filthy liquid.

Kim and Hong started to yell and requested the whole board to resign, claiming that “all of them were unscrupulous people who had abandoned their mates”.

Then, the protestors started to throw garbage all over the place, pushing some of the Kukkiwon staff and throwing tables and chairs.

Consequently, the extraordinary meeting was called off and the Kukkiwon has been left with no Chairman and Director for a week already.  Former Kukkiwon Chairman Won-Sik Kang finished his term of office on May 25th and had already expressed his decision of leaving the organization after that date. The Kukkiwon has tried to elect the new Chairman and Director in 4 different meetings but has not been able to do so yet.

It is believed that the reason of such protest might be to prevent and to interfere in the formation of the new board, yet some of the people who were present claimed that there was no justification for such actions.

Apparently, after the mishap some Board members resigned, and IOC member Dae-Sung Moon being one of them. It seems that Moon even argued with the protestors, as Hong didn’t let him leave the room and Kim grabbed him by his neck saying he was “a man with no manners”.


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