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Kukkiwon Taekwondo Friendship Training Program, started

The “2011 Taekwondo Friendship Training Program” hosted by Kukkiwon, the world Taekwondo headquarters, started on June 16h for the further propagation of taekwondo and the fostering of outstanding athletes from developing countries.
This yearly event was first organized in 2009 as part of a Cultural Partnership program led by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Overseas Korean Culture Promotion Center, with the main purpose of promoting the Korean culture through Taekwondo in Asian and African countries with which Korea has had relatively few opportunities for cultural exchange.
Through this program, Kukkiwon is especially devoted to mutual promotion and the establishment of partners for Taekwondo culture diffusion by focusing on nurturing talented people in Taekwondo and developing Taekwondo in the participating countries.
The invited countries in this year’s program are India, Indonesia, Morocco and Senegal. One trainee from each country will be experiencing Taekwondo until November through the World Taekwondo Leaders Forum, the yearly World Taekwondo Hanmadang, demonstration performances by Kukkiwon Demonstration Team and many other specialized educational programs and events.

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