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Kukkiwon to Publish 40th Anniversary Commemorative Book

The Kukkiwon(President Won Sik Kang) has started working towards the publication of the ‘Commemorative book of the 40th anniversary’.

Having been established on November 30th, 1973, the objective is to publish the book before November 30th of this year.

So far, the Kukkiwon has published commemorative books for its 15th (1987), 20th (1992) and 25th (1997) anniversaries. Through the 40th anniversary publication, the Kukkiwon intends to further contribute to the study of taekwondo and its history by providing useful data.

This year’s commemorative book will also be published in English, and it will also contain clear information about the role of the Kukkiwon, something that will also help improve its image.

Moreover, a compilation committee will be formed for this publication. Such committee will be leaded by Chun-Kil Lim, Vice-President of the Kukkiwon. Other committee members are Choon-Seong Hwang, former KTA Vice-President; Kyung-Myeong Lee, Director of the Center of Research for Taekwondo and Culture; Ki-Hong Kim, Professor at the Gyeongbuk Provincial College; Seong-Won Seo, editor-in-chief of Taekwonline Media; and Jong-Gap Lee, head of the Strategy and Planning Bureau. Hong-Cheol Kim, sector chief of the Strategy and Planning Bureau, will be working as assistant administrator.    

The compilation committee will meet up on a monthly basis to discuss about the way to compile the data and information, the writing and supervision of the book.


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