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Kukkiwon Vice-President Choon-Kil Lim Dismissed

?? Chool-Kil Lim, Ex-Vice President of the Kukkiwon.

On April 25th, Choon-Kil Lim was dismissed from his position as Vice-President of the Kukkiwon.

This was an unexpected announcement and the reason was not even disclosed, creating great interest about the reasons behind the decision.  

The current structure of the Kukkiwon consists of 2 Vice-Presidents, under Chairman Joo-Hoon Kim and President Won-Sik Kang. Vice-President Choon-Kil Lim was head of administration and Vice-President Hyun-Duk Oh is in charge of the World Taekwondo Academy.

Chairman Joo-Hoon Kim took the lead in the decision. On April 25th, he met the Vice-President and notified him the dismissal, which apparently was caused due to some moral issues.  

Vice-President Lim is strongly opposing, claiming that the reasons given by the chairman are not sufficient as a cause for dismissal.

Moreover, President Kang’s opposition to the chairman’s decision will probably build tension between the two. 

After becoming a ‘special purpose corporation’ in June 2010, the established structure was of Joo-Hoon Kim as Chairman, Won-Sik Kang as President and Choon-Kil as Vice-President. Afterwards, Hyun-Duk Oh was promoted from auditor to member of board of directors and in parallel he became President of the World Taekwondo Academy.

However, when the shift from foundation to special purpose corporation took place, and during the establishment of a new structure, former senior-level officers such as Keun-Chang Lee, Dae-Young Oh, were dismissed, creating internal conflicts. 

Especially, there were rumors about an internal conflict between Chairman Kim &Vice-President Oh supporters, and President Kang &Vice-President Lim supporters. 

The fact that Chairman Kim himself decided the Vice-President’s dismissal confirms these ‘Chairman vs President conflict’ rumors.

In addition to the preparations that the Kukkiwon is undertaking to respond with legal action against the recently fired Keun-Chang Lee and Dae-Young Oh, now Choon-Kil Lim is also opposing to his dismissal by going in to work. The conflict, thus, is only expected to grow.  

Moreover, the dismissed Vice-President still holds his position as member of the board of directors, and therefore this issue is expected to become a major discussion topic in the next meeting of the board.


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