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Kyung-Seon Hwang and Dong-Min Cha, one step closer to London

?? Kyung-Seon Hwang.

Kyung-Seon Hwang and Dong-Min Cha, both Beijing 2008 Gold Medalists, are one step closer to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

On February 29th, Kyung-Seon Hwang and Dong-Min Cha increased their chances of being selected for the South Korean Olympic Team as they both won in the women’s -67kg and men’s +80kg categories respectively, at the 1st Selection Tournament for the London 2012 Korean Olympic Team.  

There are currently 3 possible candidates for the Olympic Team in every category. Hwang’s strongest opponent is Mi-Kyeong Kim, who won at the World Qualification Tournament in Baku last year.

The fight between Hwang and Kim on this tournament was very tight, but Hwang beat Kim 3-1 and earned victory.

?? Dong-Min Cha.

Dong-Min Cha, who also obtained a gold medal in Beijing 2008, outplayed Sang-Bin Lee and reserved a spot for the South Korean heavy category athlete.

On the same day, Sae-Bom Ahn won in the women’s +68kg category. She beat In-Jong Lee, and lost against Hye-Mi Park, but then Park lost against Lee. In a situation in which both Ahn and Park had 1 win and 1 loss, Ahn was given an advantage point due to her victory in the World Qualification Tournament in Baku, and ended as the winner of the 1st Selection Tournament.

In the men’s -58kg category, Dae-Hoon Lee won against Kil-Su Lee and Seung-Woo Seok and practically earned a spot in the Olympic Team.

For this Selection Tournament, the official London 2012 PSS Daedo TK-Strike was used. Moreover, the system used was exactly the upgraded version that will be used in the London Olympics. 

There will be 3 tournaments in total for the selection of the South Korean Olympic Team, and the second tournament will take place on March 16th 2012.


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