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Kyung-Seon Hwang, two-time Olympic gold medalist

Kyung-Seon Hwang, two-time Olympic gold medalist

Kyung-Seon Hwang wins second gold medal in two consecutive Olympic Games.
On August 10, Hwang defeated Turkey’s hope, Nur Tatar, in the women’s -67kg final.
Hwang’s opponent in the final, Nur Tatar, is a 20-year-old athlete with an aggressive competition style. The final result between the young and vigorous athlete and the experienced Korean fighter was difficult to predict.
As expected, the match was very tight from the beginning. Just after 17 seconds into the 1st round, the two attacked each other simultaneously with a head kick, adding 3-3 to the scoreboard.
However, as the match proceeded, Hwang started to lead the game. With punches and trunk attacks, the 1st round ended 5-3 in favor of Hwang. In the 2nd round, Hwang succeeded in attacks to the head and the trunk, widening the gap in the score.
Trying to turn around the scoreboard, Tatar counterattacked and scored 2 points, but the match ended in 12-5 in favor of Hwang.
As soon as the match ended, Hwang couldn’t hold her tears, and the Korean supporters at ExCel went wild.
Hwang’s strongest opponent was expected to be Sarah Stevenson, from Team GB.
Stevenson was GB’s biggest hope in Olympic Taekwondo, as she even featured in the Opening Ceremony, taking the athlete’s oath. She had defeated Hwang at the 2011 World Taekwondo Championships in Gyeongju.
If they had met at the final match, the result would have been even more difficult to predict.
However, Sarah Stevenson lost unexpectedly in the first match against US athlete Paige McPherson, and the biggest obstacle for Hwang disappeared.
Together with Jingyu Wu, Hwang won two consecutive Olympic gold medals, in Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

[2012 London Olympics Taekwondo Women’s -67kg Division]
Gold : Kyung-Seon Hwang (Korea)
Silver : Nur Tatar (Turkey)
Bronze : Paige McPherson (USA), Helena Fromm (Germany)[:]

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