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Kyung-Sun Hwang, out of Puebla

Kyung-Sun Hwang, out of Puebla

Kyung-Sun Hwang, the double Olympic champion of the Women’s -67 kg category at Beijing and London, will not be able to participate in the 2013 WTF World Taekwondo Championships that will be held next July in Puebla, Mexico.
Hwang (Koyang City Team) lost by 0-3 against Hae-Mi Park (Samsung S1 Team) in the quarter-final of the Women’s -67 kg division of the Korean National Team selection, which took place on the 20th of February in Namyangju (Kyunggi-do), Korea.
Before facing Park, Hwang had defeated Soo-Jung Kim (Inchun Information Industry High School Team) by 11-1 in the first-round match and Seul-Lee (Yong-in Univiersity Team) by 2-0 in the second-round.
Despite of being considerably less famous than Kyung-Sun Hwang for the international public, Hae-Mi Park is already two-time champion of the Korea Sports Festival (2011 and 2012 editions), where she managed to beat Hwang in both occasions showing that she’s the real rival of the double Olympic champion.
Their match was the most followed of the competition. None of them could score during the three rounds, demonstrating how close they are and how big is their rivalry. The match was decided with 1 minute and 44 seconds left in the extra-round, when Hae-Mi Park gave a quick kick to the head of Kyung-Sun Hwang.
Since only the three best of each division can take part in the final selection of the National Team and Hwang was eliminated in the quarter-final, she now has no chances to attend the Puebla 2013 World Championships.
On the other hand, Hae-Mi Park won all her following matches and became the winner of the competition.
The three best athletes of each category in this competition will participate in 2 or 3 more events this year in order to decide their final position within the Korean National Team. Once these competitions are finished, the final winners of each category will be able to compete next July in the Puebla 2013 World Championship, while the 2nds of each division will be invited to compete next October in the 6th edition of the East-Asian Taekwondo Championships, which will be held in Tenjin, China.
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