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Lee Kyu Hyung, appointed President of Kukkiwon

Lee Kyu Hyung, appointed President of Kukkiwon

Master Lee Kyu Hyung was named President of the Kukkiwon after the board meeting held on the 27th of October at the Seoul Olympic Parktel. Nineteen of the twenty board members attended the meeting and voted unanimously for Master Lee.
The new President, who was born in 1948, has successively held several posts, such as head of the Korean National Children’s Taekwondo Demo Team, head of the Korean National Taekwondo Demo Team, professor of Taekwondo studies at the Kyemyeng University, etc. He is currently chair-professor at the same university, and has been acting President of the Kukkiwon since August 19th this year.
The appointment of the President of the Kukkiwon was done according to Article 8 of the articles of association of the organization. This article dictates that after the board of directors chooses the President, the chair of the board should inform the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea.

Kukkiwon board meeting at the Seoul Olympic Parktel

Regarding the appointment, Master Lee said: “I have been entrusted with a heavy responsibility. I am resolved to carry out my duty to the fullest. The Kukkiwon has many tasks piled up in the areas of examination, research, education, consulting, and in creating a Taekwondo temple. I cannot do all this by myself and will need the help from the board members. I will try with all my heart and soul”.


  1. Alejandro Antonio Soto Rossi

    What great news for the world of Taekwondo , congratulations and much success in his new position Grandmaster Lee Hyung Hyu . A hug from Chile.

  2. Alejandro Antonio Soto Rossi

    Que gran noticia para el mundo de Taekwondo, felicitaciones y mucho exito en su nuevo cargo Grandmaster Lee
    Hyu Hyung. Un abrazo desde Chile.

  3. Mojtaba Nazmdeh

    Grand Master Lee is a great man of Taekwondo who has devoted his life to promot Our Beloved TKD .
    He will do great for Taekwondo .

  4. Sergio Chavez

    Kukkiwon and Taekwondo will have a bright future with Grand Master Lee Kyu Hyung
    at front of our World Taekwondo Headquarters. CONGRATULATIONS !
    Sergio Chavez

  5. John Alick

    From the happy isles of Solomons I too want to congratulate Grandmaster Lee Kyu Hyung for his appointed to the top and busy post…I hope your will further develop Taekwondo our lovely martial art and sport…
    Cheers from us in Solomon Islands….

  6. Deep Raj Gurung

    On behalf of Nepal Taekwondo I would like to congratulate to Grand Master Lee for his appointment as a President of Kukkiwon.
    It is a good news for the entire family members of World Taekwondo. We proud that he is a well experienced & honorable personality of our Taekwondo family appointed for to the right position.
    We wish him for his success & better tenure of office.
    Deep Raj Gurung
    Secretary General
    Nepal Taekwondo Association.

  7. Robert Tunui Raoulx

    From my sunny island of French Polynesia Tahiti and first Taekwondo Ass. President since May 1974 and my Great Master Instructor CHANG YOUNG BO ,we would like to congratulated Grand Master Lee for his appointment as new President of Kukkiwon.

  8. Tolios

    Grandmaster Lee,
    Der Dojang Taekyon Duisburg – Germany,
    Gratuliert Ihnen zur Wahl zum Presidenten des KUK KI WON.
    Stefanos Tolios


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