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"Let’s open a new era in the history of Taekwondo"

"Let’s open a new era in the history of Taekwondo"

2013 New Year Message from Kukkiwon President Won Sik Kang
Dear Taekwondo Family Members around the world!
The eventful year of the Dragon is over now and the year of the Snake, which represents richness and productivity, has just dawned.
I would like to thank all the Taekwondo family members who have put forth all their energy into the development of Taekwondo during the past year.
On November 30th, the Kukkiwon celebrated its 40th anniversary.
During the last years, Kukkiwon has walked with the Taekwondo Family a very difficult path in order to lead Taekwondo’s development.
Kukkiwon is now ready to walk not only 10 more years, but 100 more years for “a World United through Taekwondo”.
2013 is a crucial year for Taekwondo, as a decision will be made on whether it will remain in the Olympic program as a core sport.
In order for Taekwondo to remain as an Olympic core sport forever, the role of each of our Taekwondo Family members is very important.
In my opinion, if we are able to overcome destructive conflict and reach reconciliation through open communication and consideration for one another, we will be able to promise “a bright future of Taekwondo”.
Let’s open a new era in the history of Taekwondo, creating new values in our sport beyond differences in generations, social status, geographic regions and religions.
Kukkiwon’s executives and staff members will do their utmost this year to become a lamp of hope and enlighten Taekwondo’s future.
We wish health and happiness to your families and we hope your wishes are fulfilled in 2013.
2013 New Year’s morning
President of Kukkiwon
Won Sik Kang

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