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Liberian National Team: Ready for international events

Liberian National Team: Ready for international events

The Liberia National Championships were held in the African country in December 2012. The event provided not only the national champs but also the Liberian National Team members for the international events. The latest WTF rules could be applied in the tournament thanks to a training workshop for national team members and officials celebrated a couple of months before.
In October, Liberia hosted an important training workshop for national team members and officials. The aim of that course was for the participants to get familiar with the new WTF rules, in order to apply them to all the competitions, like the National Championships which were held in the country two months later.
That training course provided the participants with the knowledge to successfully carry out the Liberian tournament. The National Championships had their most exciting moments on December the 18th, when all the big finals were scheduled.
Despite some difficulties, the Liberian Taekwondo Association (LTA) was able to organize the training course and national championships thanks to the collaboration and financial support from both the WTF and the Liberian government.
“Discovering new talent and skills was costly, but [it was the] most rewarding experience”, said LTA Secretary General Loveton M. Chea.
Although these news are reaching the international Taekwondo community a few months later due to technical difficulties, it is never too late to inform how our sport is growing every day in different parts of the world.
Here are the results of the Liberian national Championships:
1- Loveton O. Chea, jr
2- Daniel LEWIS
3- Tomethy Williams
1- Alex B. Paye
2- Thomie Jackson
3- Siakeh Tommy
1- Edmond Peal
2- Ezekiel Mulbah
3- Junior Kollie
1- Moses Yattor
2- Mohammed Monubah
3- Clarence S.Tokpah
1- Mark Lee
2- Prince Jah
3- Musa Sheriff
1- Seth Browne
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