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London 2012: Cuba trains for the Olympics at CAR La Loma, Mexico

London 2012: Cuba trains for the Olympics at CAR La Loma, Mexico

The Cuban Taekwondo Federation and the Cuban Olympic Committee confirm that their delegation of Taekwondo will train at the High Performance Centre (CAR) La Loma in San Luis Potosí, for a period of about 3 weeks prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games.
The team had its first training at CAR La Loma just before the continental qualification tournament of Querétaro, in which it earned 3 qualifications. The Ireno Fargas Foundation supported all the athletes and coaches with full accommodation, meals, and training. For such reasons, the Cuban team – current champion of the Pan-American Games – has decided to go back to San Luis Potosí, this time with their own financial resources. They consider the CAR La Loma as the best guarantee for earning a medal in the Olympics.
Cuba is one of the few countries that has earned a minimum of 1 medal in the past Olympics in Sydney, Athens and Beijing, and despite the country’s economic struggles, it always achieves most of its Olympic goals.
It has been confirmed that the team will arrive at the CAR La Loma at the end of June and will stay until after mid-July.
Ireno Fargas has always been an admirer of Cuban Taekwondo, and has a great friendship with many of the coaches and athletes.
According to Ireno Fargas he will support the Cuban Federation “basically just like any other delegation, although they are highly professional, like the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, etc. Maybe two important aspects would be sparring with foreign people, because they lack friction in their style, and the use of electronic protectors, to which they don’t have easy access for everyday training due to their economic situation”.
Cuba, with 3 athletes with great possibilities of clinching an Olympic medal, is one of the strong teams, especially in the 2 heaviest categories, male and female.
An increasing number of Olympic delegations are joining the Olympic Training Camp at the CAR La Loma, where athletes and coaches will be able to work towards their goal: the Olympic medal.
Cuban National Team for London 2012
Roberto Cárdenas Suárez (Chief of Delegation)
Ramón Luís Arias Pérez (Coach)
Rene GarcíaCoffigny (Coach)
Nidia Muñoz Alemán -57 kg
Glenhis Hernández Horta +67 kg
Robelis Despaigne Saguet  +87 kg
Rafael Y. Alba Castillo +87 kg[:]

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