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London 2012 Olympics,how many participations per nation?

After a long process that started with the World Qualification Tournament, followed by the 5 continental Qualification Tournaments, and was finalized with the announcement of the last 4 wild cards, the nations participating in London 2012 have been finally selected.

There will be a total of 63 nations participating in London 2012.

There are 8 gold medals in stake, corresponding to the 4 male and 4 female weight categories. Moreover, each nation can participate in a maximum of 4 categories. There are 6 nations that obtained the maximum number of participations: South Korea, Mexico, USA, Russia, Egypt and the host nation Great Britain.

Nations participating in 3 categories are China, Chinese Taipei, Iran, Jordan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Canada, Cuba, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, New Zealand, and Morocco, a total of 15.

Nations participating in 2 categories are Afghanistan, Japan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Australia, Samoa, the Central African Republic and Nigeria, a total of 17.

Finally, there are 25 nationsparticipating in 1 category: Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Yemen, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guatemala, Jamaica, Peru, Panama, Armenia, Finland, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Papua New Guinea, Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Senegal, Tunisia, and Mali.

This will be the first time in Olympic taekwondo competition for as much as 10 nations: Cambodia, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Grenada, Jamaica, Panama, Armenia, Serbia, Samoa, and Algeria.

The IOC adopted taekwondo as an official Olympic sport for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, in which 51 nations participated. In Athens 2004 the number increased to 60, and in Beijing 2008 it further increased to 64. 


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