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London2012, Who will represent Korean Taekwondo?

?? Candidate athletes of Korean representatives of London 2012.

The selection of the three athletes per division, candidates to take part in the Korean National Team for the London Olympics, has been made.

On the 10th of August, the Korea Taekwondo Association held a Final Qualifier to select two candidates of each division to become candidates to represent Korea in the London Olympics.

Among the athletes qualified in the competition were: in male -58kg Gil-Su Lee and Seung-Woo Seok, in male +80kg Sang-Bin Lee and Kyo-Don Lin, in female -67kg Kyung-Sun Hwang and Bo-Hyun Kang and in female +67kg In-Jeong Lee and Hye-Mi Park.

The two athletes per division selected in this competition, together with the athletes that were qualified in the WQT in Baku, that is, a total of three athletes per division will enter the match test to select the final Korean Team for the Olympics.

The athletes that qualified for London in Baku were: male -58kg= Dae-Hoon Lee, male +80kg= Dong-Min Cha, female -67kg= Mi-Kyung Lee and female +67kg= Sae-Bom An.  

The qualified three candidate athletes per division will enter intensive training on the 16th of August, starting with the Kang-Won Tae-Baek training.    

After five months of training, in January or February, a match test will take place and the final Korean Team will be selected.

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