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London 2012: Analysis, part I

London 2012: Analysis, part I

Part I: Use of the Protector and Scoring System (PSS) and video replay led the success of London 2012
The London 2012 Taekwondo competition ended on August 11th. This edition of the Olympics marked a new ear in Olympic Taekwondo in every sense.
First of all, the main changes introduced in London 2012 were the use of the PSS and the video replay system. These two ideas proposed by WTF President Choue were a great success.
From the introduction and adoption of the PSS to the selection of the PSS to be used in London 2012, the whole process was a difficult one that was even surrounded with controversies and issues. However, every argument will be settled together with the end of the Olympics.
The Taekwondo competition ended without technical problems arising from the use of the PSS, and there was nothing to discuss about the scores given automatically in trunk attacks. In short, it was a success.
The video replay system also marked a new beginning in the London Olympics. Cameras installed frontally but also on the ceiling eliminated the blind spot. The video replay was shown through all the screens to eliminate any possible doubt among the crowd.
The use of video replay didn’t affect negatively the flow of the competition and certainly didn’t make it boring. A background music to increase the tension, and the comments from the announcer explaining the reasons for the request and the possible consequences successfully kept all the crowd nervous until the verdict was given.
In the past, Taekwondo was criticized mainly for two reasons: one, it was boring, and two, the complaints about the judging were too frequent. These two problems have been left behind.
The tickets for the London 2012 Taekwondo competitions were sold out faster than other sports, and the venue was full in all three sessions during the four days, requiring plain clothes security guards.
WTF President Choue knew that London 2012 would be decisive in keeping Taekwondo as an official Olympic sport, and after the end of the Taekwondo competition on August 11th, he seemed pleased and satisfied with the results.
Through the London 2012 Olympic Games, Taekwondo has transformed into a new sport in a new era.
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