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López, re-elected as Mexican Federation President

López, re-elected as Mexican Federation President

Juan Manuel López Delgado was re-elected as President of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation during the Ordinary Assembly held last 18th of January at the José García Cervantes Auditorium, located in Mexico City. López will remain in charge of the organization during the next four years, until 2017, after obtaining the unanimous vote of the 35 Member Associations of the Mexican Federation. No other candidates ran in the elections.
The President of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation highlighted “the transparency and clarity” that predominated his last term in office, specially on crucial areas such as administration and finances. López stated that the organization holds a “highly satisfactory” economic situation.
The leader of the FMTKD added that the organization accomplished its objective of “promoting Mexican Taekwondo nationally and internationally through the diffusion of its achievements”, highlighting as well that they must keep working on “the professionalization of the Mexican Federation to ensure an excellent operational functioning and a good governability among its members”.
Some members of the current Mexican National Team such as the 2-time Olympic medallist María del Rosario Espinoza, attended López’s taking of office. Espinoza was accompanied by other highlighted Mexican athletes like Damián Villa, Idulio Islas, Guadalupe Ruiz, Éric Osornio and Diego García de León. Former members of the Mexican Team, susch as Iridia Salazar, Guillermo Pérez, Janet Alegría, Víctor Estrada, Mónica del Real and Óscar Mendiola were also present in the event. They all received a big ovation from the 35 Member Associations.
The members of the new Executive Committee are: José Augusto López, as the Executive Vice-president; Antonio Villanueva, as Operational Vice-president; Erwin von Nacer; as board member; Cruz Antonio Ángeles Torres, in charge of the Mexico State Association; Osiris Romero Aviña, in charge of the Queretaro Association, and Alina Garza Herrera, as the representative of the athletes.
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