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Lucas Guzmán: “I knew a medal was possible”

Lucas Guzmán: “I knew a medal was possible”

The Argentine wrestler talks with WTM after winning the bronze medal of -58 kg male at Manchester 2019, his most important achievement to date

How does one feel after winning his first World Championhips’ medal?

The truth is that I am very happy, I know that I still need a bit more to reach the top of my category, but I am also very happy to have achieved this result.

Did you see yourself on the podium before starting the competition?

The truth is that we went to Manchester looking for the gold, to win. This year I decided to go to 100% of my potential and I knew that if I gave it I would reach the podium, since last year I was a little more relaxed. I knew that this year was decisive and that I would do my best to get as high as possible.

Jang (KOR) vs Guzman (ARG) at Manchester 2019 WC Semi-final

How did you feel during the competition, were there nerves at some point, pressure?

From the beginning I knew the kind of event I was involved in, I stayed focused and left everything on the tatami every single second, it did not matter if I was winning or losing, I just focused on doing my work to the fullest and I think this was reflected in every of the matches I played.

What did you miss in your game to defeat the Korean Jun Jang in the semifinal?

I think a little bit of strategy. I was also a little anxious and very tired from the previous fights. I was very tired after the rest we did in the afternoon before the night session, everything hurt me when I got up from the nap… So I will just to keep working harder if possible, there is no other way. Also, I suffered a fracture not so long ago in the instep of the left foot and I managed to stay in the fights even with my left leg in front, which I had not been able to do for a month. I am so happy about that too.

What are your next goals?

Now I just want to rest a bit, the Grand Prix of Rome is around the corner and then I will start preparing the Pan American Games, which will be in Lima at the end of July and beginning of August.

Men’s -58 kg podium

Do you already have Tokyo 2020 on the horizon?

Yes, of course, it’s a great motivation. I think that this year it was decisive so I needed to give my 100% and at the same time be relaxed, because I know from the past that these years before the Olympic Games are the most stressful, so I decided to give everything and thus face a good position to qualify for Tokyo.

Who do you think you owe your medal?

I think a good part of this result is because of the Argentine Confederation of Taekwondo, my family and my colleagues. Also from the fans, who have sent me some messages that have literally filled my soul.


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