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Lusofonia Games – Goa 2014: Portugal dominates along with Macao and India

Lusofonia Games – Goa 2014: Portugal dominates along with Macao and India

Lusofonia Games 2014
Goa, India
26 January 2014

The Lusophony Games (Portuguese: Jogos da Lusofonia) is a multinational multi-sport event organized by the ACOLOP, which involves athletes coming from Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries, namely those belonging to the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries), but also others where there are significant Portuguese communities or that have a common past with Portugal.
Participating countries are founding members Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Macau (Chinese SAR), Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe, and associate members Equatorial Guinea, India and Sri Lanka. In addition, Ghana, Flores (an island of Indonesia), Mauritius and Morocco have also expressed the desire to participate in future events.
Complete Results:

FLY Female (-49 Kg.)

1) Purva Dixit (IND)
2) Ana Coelho (POR)
3) Rosalina Claudia (ANG)
3) Lei Justina (Macau)
FLY Male (-58 Kg.)

1) Rui Braganca (POR)
2) Manuel De Carvalho (ANG)
3) Anura Bandara (SRI)
3) Aman Kumar (IND)

FEATHER Female (-57 Kg.)

1) Joana Cunha (POR)
2) Sneha H Bhat (IND)
3) Suzanete Rosaria (ANG)
3) Sandamali (SRI)
FEATHER Male (-68 Kg.)

1) Mario Silva (POR)
2) W P S Hettiarachchi (SRI)
3) Saravana K Pandia (IND)
3) Yannick Nascimento (CPV)
WELTER Female (-67 Kg.)

1) Liu Qing (Macau)
2) Joana Cardoso (POR)
3) Rekha Devi Pukhramba (IND)
3) Sofia Reis (CPV)
WELTER Male (-80 Kg.)

1) Julio Alexandres (POR)
2) Eloy Boa Morte (STP)
3) Pun Chi Fai (Macau)
3) Anand Pandia (IND)
HEAVY Female (+67 Kg.)

1) Wang Junnan (Macau)
2) Ana Patricia Santos (POR)
3) Dextra Pereira (IND)
3) Suzanete Rosaria (ANG)

HEAVY Male (+80 Kg.)

1) Hao Chao (Macau)
2) Eduardo Sousa (POR)
3) Siraj Khan (IND)
3) Tharindu Senarathne (SRI)
Medal Count by countries

1) Portugal (4,4,0)
2) Macao (3,0,2)
3) India (1,1,6)
4) Angola (0,1,3)
4) Sri Lanka (0,1,3)
6) Santo Tome y Príncipe (0,1,0)
7) Cabo Verde (0,0,2)
Source: Laura López Rodríguez (MasTaekwondo)

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