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Manchester 2013 GP – Day 3: Russia and Spain lift 2nd title to join GBR on top of the table

Manchester 2013 GP – Day 3: Russia and Spain lift 2nd title to join GBR on top of the table

WTF World Taekwondo Grand Prix Manchester 2013
Manchester, Great Britain
13-15 December 2013
Day 3 – Complete Results:

Women’s -57 kg
1 – Eva Calvo (ESP)
2 – Jade Jones (GBR)
3 – Floriane Liborio (FRA)
3 – Yuzhuo Hou (CHN)
Men’s -68 kg

1 – Alexey Denisenko (RUS)
2 – Maxime Potvin (CAN)
3 – Benham Asbaghikhanghah (IRI)
3 – Mohammad Bagheri Motamed (IRI)


Women’s -57 kg

British star and Olympic champion, Jade Jones, recovered her best Taekwondo level to win the first Semifinal of the Female’s -57 kg division, where she defeated the Chinese Yuzhuo Hou, her opponent in the London 2012 Olympics crucial fight. Both athletes proved to know each other perfectly and offered the spectators at Manchester Central Exhibition Centre a very close fight which finished 4-3. The Chinese representative started better and took a 1-0 lead in the first round through a precise right chest kick, but Jones tied the combat in the second with the same action. It wasn’t until the first minute of the third period was gone that the British connected another right chest kick and a consecutive head kick to turn the scoreboard into 4-2 and take control of the fight. She then defended all Hou’s attacks and received just 1 kyongo to access the final (4-3).
The second Semifinal of the division confronted two bronze medallists at Puebla 2013 WC: Eva Calvo from Spain and the French Floriane Liborio. Both athletes proved to have a really solid defense, so no points were scored until there were only 30 seconds left in the final round. Calvo found a crack on Liborio’s wall through a fast chest kick, but the French didn’t give up and equalized the score in the very last second of the regular time. In the extra round, Calvo was more agressive than her rival and got the prize with another precise right chest kick when she had still 1 minute 19 seconds to go.

Jade Jones (GBR) aiming a kick during Manchester GP Day 3

Men’s -68 kg

Alexey Denisenko, the Russian bronze medallist at London 2012 Olympics, defeated the defending -68 kg World Champion, the Iranian Benham Asbaghikhanghah, to reach the final of the Male’s -68 kg division and amaze the British fans who got together at the Manchester Central EC. Denisenko had previously beaten another regning World Champion, the Korean Dae-Hoon Lee (-63), in the Quarterfinals, so his way to the final was not an easy one at all. He took control of the fight in the second period, when he was able to score 4 points against a super solid Iranian through a chest kick and a powerful right head kick. The Iranian had to react, and so he did, cutting the distance to only 1 point thanks to an unexpected left head kick. Both athletes scored 1 more point each to place the final 5-4.
The Canadian Maxime Potvin confirmed himself as the outsider of the division after beating the Olympic silver medallist Mohammed Bagheri Mohamad (IRI) in the second Semifinal by 3-0. Potvin won each of the 3 rounds by 1-0 and didn’t give the Iranian a single chance to score, taking advantage of his height to defend all Bagheri’s attempts. The Canadian had previously defeated Abel Mendoza, silver medallist of the -63 kg division at Puebla 2013 WC, in the Quarterfinals, completing and outstanding performance in Manchester.

Women’s -57 kg

Eva Calvo showed everyone that her victory over Jade Jones in the Spanish Open 2013 was not a coincidence, defeating again the defending Olympic champion by 4-3 and becoming the first ever Women’s -57 kg Grand Prix champion in front of the British crowd. Calvo defended very well throughout the whole clash and managed to get a 2-0 lead at the end of the second period thanks to two chest kicks. Jones was not going to give up and tried to score through a head kick for several times, but Calvo managed to dodge all of them. In the end, 4-3 to the Spaniard after being penalized by 1 kyongo and 2 chest kicks from the British star.
Men’s -68 kg

Alexey Denisenko is definitely back. After winning the bronze medal at London 2012 Olympics, he couldn’t show his best level at Puebla 2013 WC, but came back to taste glory in Chelyabinsk on occasion of the Russian Open 2013. After this golden win at home, he proved to be the best athlete of the Men’s -68 kg division in Manchester. He left no cracks for Potvin to score throughout the whole clash and managed to score the winning point in the second period with a tremendous right chest kick.
Pau Aguilar
Manchester, UK

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