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Maria Espinoza "My main rivals are in Korea, France, Russia"

Maria Espinoza "My main rivals are in Korea, France, Russia"

Olympic Gold medalist of Mexico, Maria Espinoza will travel to Barcelona, Spain on July 21 to carry out the final phase of preparation for the London 2012 Olympics in the High Performance Center in that city.
Espinoza said she is calm and enjoying their final practice in Mexico, prior to the Olympics.
“I left the last week of strength training, which was the volume with great intensity, and entered the next stage, to download, and more specific to what is the competition.”
She explained that the training will be more intense in the areas of combat and tactics will be handled in the meetings. She said her training partners Fernanda Abdala, Alfredo Chavez and Erick Cruz, seek to emulate the movements of their opponents in the preparatory meetings.
“Coach Peter Cat and I check the videos of the other competitors, also the three colleagues who train with me they have to, because based on the videos they have to practice like any of the competitors.”
She said her main rivals are in Korea, Russia and France. The name of the athlete in each country are In-Jong Lee(Korea), Anastasia Baryshnikova(Russia), Anne-Caroline Graffe(France).
“The competition will be tough. I think at that time we will all be nervous, we all have stress, we expect many things, I believe that conditions in the competition will be the same for everyone and that is better prepared both mentally and physically” She said.
She will compete in the women’ over +67kg on 11th August.[:]

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