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Mediterranean Games 2013: Mersin, ready for the action

Mediterranean Games 2013: Mersin, ready for the action

The Taekwondo competiton of the Mediterranean Games 2013, which will take place in Mersin (Turkey) until next Sunday June 23th, will start tomorrow with no less than 79 Senior athletes from 18 different countries in competition.
42 Male and 37 Female representatives from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Lybia, Morocco, Macedonia, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Tunisia and Turkey will display their best Taekwondo skills during the 3 days of competition to become the new Mediterranean champion of each of the 8 weight categories in play:

The event will get together some of the best athletes around the world, including 3 Olympic medallists at London 2012 such as the local idols Servet Tazegul, Men’s -68 kg Olympic champion, and Nur Tatar, Women’s -67 kg Olympic Silver, as well as another Olympic finalist: the Spaniard Nicolás García Hemme, who was beaten by only 1 point in the Men’s -80 kg crucial fight, won by Sebastián Crismanich.

Inside view of the Edip Buran Sports Hall

Taekwondo competitions of the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games will be held at the Edip Buran Sports Hall, located approximately 8 km (11 minutes) away from the Mediterranean Village Complex and with the capacity for 1,750 spectators.
Competition Schedule:

Stay tuned to WTM to be the first to know the daily results of the Mersin 2013 Mediterranean Games!
Pau Aguilar

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