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Meet Simone Alessio, the new Taekwondo sensation

Meet Simone Alessio, the new Taekwondo sensation

The 19-year-old Italian astonished the Taekwondo community worldwide with a superb perfomance at Manchester 2019 that allowed him to win the gold medal of the Men’s -74 kg division

How do you feel two weeks after becoming the new M-74 kg world champion?

Almost two weeks after I feel even happier and prouder of what I achieved in Manchester. The affection of the fans and all the people that have congratulated me for the gold medal fills me with joy.

Did you expect to win the gold medal before the competition started?

I was focused and determined to win and achieve my dream but obviously with a little bit of fear of not being able to accomplish such a difficult target.

Alessio after making his way to the final

How do you explain your outstanding performance in such a big event with only 19 years of age?

It was the result of so many sacrifices and intense training, I tried not to be overwhelmed by the excitement of participating in a world championship and I managed to succeed at it.

What is your next objective?

My next objective is to win gold at Rome 2019 Gran Prix. I hope to be able to do a great result in front of my audience and be able to continue at a very high level.

Do you see yourself in Rio?

Tokyo 2020 is my objective of course, but I want to continue working hard and step by step I will manage to make the best results in all my future competitions.

Alessio vs Daniel Quesada (Spain) during the semi-final

What does it mean to you to be the only Italian to win a medal in Manchester?

I was hoping for a bigger result for the Italian team as my teammates had also worked very hard to be in the podium, but I am sure they will find the way to be there in the future.

Alessio with Carlo Molfetta (right) and Angelo Cito, FITA President

What was the key for your victory in the final against the reigning Olympic champion Ahmad Abughaush (Jordan)?

Determination, concentration and tranquility.

Men’s -74 kg podium

What is your relationship with two of the most important Italian fighters from the present and the past, Vito Dellaquila and Olympic champion Carlo Molfetta?

Vito is a fantastic athlete and a great roommate (most of the time -he laughs-) and Carlo is a fantastic person and a wonderful Team Manager.


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